• Sauna Box – A shipping container recycled into a sauna

  • Shipping containers have always been a particularly “huge” mess to clean up once retired. However, abandoning these in shipping yards certainly isn’t the best way to put these large chunks of metal to rest. The Canadian design studio Castor Canadensis has come up with a fantastic way to recycle old shipping containers, turning them into traditional wood-burning steam baths called Sauna Boxes.

    Priced at $41,000 a pop, the Sauna Box includes a wood fired stove and draws additional energy from solar panels. Besides the obvious facilities of a sauna, this innovation also includes an iPod stereo and an electric guitar hook-up! Measuring at 96″x96″x96″, the Sauna Box is indeed a fantastically refreshing way to recycle!

    [Designboom and Mattermatters]

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on January 7, 2013