• Rupert Valero, a soldier in Afghanistan builds action figures from recycled objects

  • action_figures_from_recycled_objects.jpg
    Whoever said destruction was all that stays on a soldiers mind! PFC Rupert Valero, a soldier stationed in Khandahar, Afghanistan uses his free time to create. Valero pieces together old materials that he recycles into robots. Using objects usually tossed into bins like bottle caps, microwavable soup containers, yogurt cups and Dr. Scholl’s foot powder containers, Valero creates these action figures. Also, he just can’t get over reworking on his models, at times tweaking them, reassembling them, or rebuilding them.

    A perfect way to spend some free time recycling old objects, Valero’s works are up for sale on Etsy for $10 to $20.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on February 16, 2011