• Recycling, the finest way for a better future

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    Green is in. Recycling is in. And if you still aren’t up to the environment conscious trend, here’s something you should read up on. On an average, a single individual dumps at least seven and a half times their body weight of garbage every year. 10% plastics, 30% paper, 15% food, 15% garden waste, 10% metal, 5% wood, 8% glass, 5% rubber and 2% miscellaneous items make up this. And that’s just you. Take the waste that spews out of your entire household every week and it amounts to 3.3kg of combustible waste, 3.1kg of kitchen waste 3.8kg of cardboard waste and paper. And if you’re wondering what all this waste could actually create, the average dustbin every year could easily generate enough energy to power up 500 baths, 3500 showers and 5000 hours of television! And yes, speaking of televisions, 96% of them can be recycled into new ones.

    And if all that hasn’t shocked you enough, here are some pretty jaw-dropping facts. Every year, a family dumps at least six trees end up in waste bins in the form of newspapers. Recycling a single bottle saves enough energy to power up a 100W bulb for an hour. And recycling a can saves enough power to juice a TV for three hours. That’s not all; the energy used to produce one can from raw materials equals that used to create 20 recycled cans! Currently, Germany leads the world in recycling, with 64% waste being reprocessed, followed by Belgium’s 62% and Netherlands’ 49%. Its time we wake up and don our greener sides and recycle our past for a better future.

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