• Recycling Aircrafts – A green take off from France

  • As we jet set across the globe, most of us are ignorant about one distressing fact – The correct disposal of old, outdated aircrafts. While some of these old aircrafts are used for ground training purposes, many are left to rust next to the runways of airports in underdeveloped countries. In an effort to address this problem, organizations like Bartin Aero Recycling specialize in recycling old airplanes for scrap. Located at Châteauroux-Déols airport, 250 kilometers, or 155 miles, south of Paris, it is one of the two sites of its type in the world. Folks working for Bartin Aero Recycling clear the interiors and rips off the seats, overhead luggage compartments and black boxes too. Such aircrafts provide an absolute source of the valuable metal, aluminum. It is estimated that about 85% of an aircraft and up to 75% of its engines can be recycled. This scrapped aluminum is re-used to manufacture automobile parts including wheels and transmissions and also to make beverage cans. Watch out as the wing is chopped off and a giant cutter cuts through the aircraft body.

    It is noteworthy to watch the whole video and hear out one of the worker’s passion towards his job. The chap is not working at the recycling plant only to make a living but is absolutely satisfied to be in a field that will help to clean up his planet.

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