• Recycled Orange Bubble Tiles will add zing to the décor

  • Orange_Bubble_Tiles.jpg
    Orange can be green too! Read on to understand the multi-colored statement. Urban Archaeology’s orange dome-shaped tiles are ideal to juice up the interiors of any den in a green way. They are shaped out of cultured marble which is actually 50% recycled material. And for those who always felt that recycled products are look grey-n-gray then it’s time to cheer up with these vibrant orange dome tiles. The tiles are designed so perfectly that they feel more like resin. A molding process forms the surface and shape, resulting in 3-dimensional, modern tiles that can then be fitted together like pieces of a puzzle. As I am penning down about these tiles, I realized that they also look like inflated orange bubbles. Wouldn’t your bathroom or kitchen look juicy when decked up with these green-orange tiles?

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on June 12, 2009