• Recycled Glass Tree Globes spreads heartfelt sentiments

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    As our globe is victimized by environmental abuses as well as terrorism, it is time to settle for some peaceful moments with any or all of these Recycled Glass Tree Globes. Beautifully designed by Stephen Kitras, this collection evokes the sentiments associated with a nourishing tree. With his ability to create a delicate interior trunk within the globe, Stephen has come up with this latest collection to beautify your dens right in time for Christmas. Hand crafted out of 100% recycled glass, you can pick one from Tree of Family, Tree of Peace, Tree of Joy or Tree of Love. Priced at $45 only, I would love to hold Tree of Peace as it encapsulates the beauty and tranquility of nature to signify the message of tolerance, acceptance and compassion.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on December 4, 2008