• Recycled art – Green ideas from young students to help environment

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    We’ve been harping about serious green products and technology since some time now. Allow me to bring your attention to something lighter yet greener. Sixty five students of the Ocean View Elementary School put up an exhibition of robots, different types of animals and an iPod out of recycled items at the Recycle Art Show. They used materials like plastic, paper, cork and Styrofoam. The body of a music-playing gadget was made from a plastic baby food container, sticky notes, string and two bottle caps. Another kiddo made a dog using 12 diet Coke cans, construction paper and tin foil. A lot of children joined hands in showing adults what they could do if they properly used their brains and did something to help the environment rather than mess it up.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on April 29, 2009