• RecycleBus – An eco-friendly and economic vehicle for recycling business

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    If you have some nifty, ingenuous or out-of-the-box green ideas to live an eco-firendly lifestyle, simply post on the eco-blogoshpere and the world will know about it. Just like this Instructable user has done. He realized the need to address to all about community recycling, but with minimum cost. Since high cost and less sponsors are the prime reason for failure of eco projects, this fellow has come up with an affordable recycling program. Focusing on the fact that everybody needs to start recycling and reusing, with the RecycleBus, he also wants to clear the myth that recycling is tough. Roll over to understand this green drive…..

    Here are tips to start your own RecycleBus business to pick up cans, plastic and paper. Take one yellow school bus, remove seats, reinforce frame on passenger side, cut 3 bays on the passenger side and convert side wall to swinging doors. Lastly paint the recycle logo in green. It made sense to me that the recovery vehicle did not need to be an expensive piece of equipment. Such a vehicle is ideal to pickup or receive recyclables, to store recyclables and also deliver the recyclables to a vendor.
    Here’s the conceiver’s vision of RecycleBus’s application in daily routine – ‘In the small town of Recycleville the RecycleBus sits next to a common area (diner, bar or grocery) Monday through Thursday. Friday morning – a driver and a thrower walk the town gathering curbside. If the RecycleBus is not full – It is parked back at the common place in town. If the RecycleBus is full – it is driven 15 miles to BigCity’s recycling center to be emptied and rinsed. and eventually parked back in Recycleville’s common area.’

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