• Recycle your empty keg shell into a Keg Stool

  • KegStool.jpg
    Planning to throw away those empty beer kegs that you’ve drained the last drop out of? Simply turn it into a bar stool instead! The Keg Stool, a patented design by P&P Imports is here. The apparatus converts a standard US keg shell into a comfortable bar stool. Complete with a powder coated footrest, a commercial grade vinyl swivel top and all the little screws and nuts needed to put it together, the Keg Stool is a better way to use empty keg shells instead of disposing them off.

    The stool can be easily assembled and disassembled without causing harm to the keg shell. A “bar” necessity, the Keg Stool is sure to make the beer guzzling time a happy and cheerful one. A tap to drink right out of the stool would make perfect sense too!
    Via – [Gizmodiva]

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on April 2, 2010