• Recycle retired Navy vessels instead of having them sunk

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    Its time for the Navy to bid a goodbye and farewell to its old-time retired vessels that will soon be put to rest. One of these is the ex-USS Forrestal aircraft carrier on which Senator John McCain served in Vietnam in 1967. the 1076-foot Forrestal which proudly claimed the title of being the largest aircraft carrier in its day and the first one to support a jet aircraft will be sunk off the East Coast next year, to be used as an artificial reef. However the Basel Action Network don’t think too much of this idea, instead, as part of their Green Ship Recycling Campaign, state that dismantling and recycling the ship could help a lot more and keep the environment from harm and away from the toxic pollutants. 73 ships were dumped similarly in the last decade, causing the loss of 20,000 U.S. jobs and 560,000 tons of recyclable steel, copper and aluminum, while the government spent as much as $253 per ton, on the artificial reefing of four ships.

    The best way to put these mighty sea-farers that have defended the waters before is indeed to have them recycled, instead of drowned. The government should look into this and understand the benefits of recycling!

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