• Ramon Knoester designs the Recycled Island from garbage

  • recycled-garbage-island-1.jpg
    Artificial man-made islands are a common site today, artificial islands made out of garbage aren’t! Designer and architect, Ramon Knoester hailing from Holland thought of a novel way to use trash with the help of a generous grant from the Netherlands Architecture Fund. The Recycled Island measures 3,860 miles, almost the size of Hawaii. Making use of energy generated from waves, the island will be the epitome of recycling efforts and sustainable energy. All the sewage produced on the island will be used for compost and the island will create its own food and fertilizers.

    More than half of the earth is covered with water, and with the ever-increasing population, land might just be the next-scarce resource! Artificial islands like these could work best in over-populated areas, putting the trash produced to some practical use.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on April 5, 2011