• Prom dress recycled out of candy wrappers by Kerring Frey

  • Most teenage girls spend hours planning their perfect prom attire. At times, they have their mothers planning the same too, for years! High-school senior Tara Frey’s mother has been at work on her prom dress for six years now! And this isn’t just any prom dress, this one’s made from recycle toffee wrappers. Hailing from Wisconsin, Kerrin Frey, Tara’s mother, made this beautiful dress, fit enough to make Tara the sweetest girl indeed at the prom, out of thousands of Starburst candy wrappers. Carefully folding each of these candy wrappers four times and pressing them with a pair of tweezers for a tight weave, Kerrin Frey has, at times, had to purchase about 9kgs of candy!

    The dress isn’t the only creation of Frey from candy wrappers. She went ahead to design and chisel out shoes, a handbag and a waistcoat for Tara’s date, all from recycled wrappers!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on April 26, 2011