• P&P Office Waste Processor turns waste paper into graphite pencils!

  • We hate watching things being tossed into waste bins and every time we come across a way to salvage this waste and put it to use once again, we simply can’t help smiling like delighted infants. Behold the P&P Office Waste Processor device, a little gizmo that quickly turns waste paper into usable pencils! Designed by Chinese designers Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan and Chao Chen, this award-winning device requires to be fed with a sheet of waste paper which in turn is wrapped tightly around a graphite stick with glue used to keep it all together. The resultant pencil works exceptionally well, just like any other you’d pick out of a stationary store! The P&P Office Waste Processor also includes a sharpener to keep your pencils well pointed and ready for use, making this device a must-have for just about any office desk!


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on August 17, 2012