• Pink plastic snails on Miami Beach, a reminder to recycling

  • Pink-plastic-snails-1.jpg
    Visitors to the Miami Beach have had question marks drawn all over their faces as they stepped around a load of giant pink snails recently. No, it isn’t the Return of the Snails or anything similar. These plastic snails were put into place by the REgeneration Art Project to simply spread a green message and remind us all of the need for recycling. The snail was chosen over all the animals from the eco-system to portray the message since it carries its home on its back, with the shell reminding us of a spiral similar to a human ear and the “@” symbol, also called “snail” in Italian reminding us of technology. 45 in all, these snails were created from recycled plastics with minimal carbon footprint.

    The snails have carried out their message, though a bunch of not-so-environment-conscious citizens decided to give eight of these their own personal touch, by vandalizing them. Hopefully, they clean up their act too, and do a bit to save the environment instead!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on December 29, 2010