• Pharrel Williams unveils happy clothes made from recycled plastic!

  • recycled-plastic-clothesPharrell Williams made the world happy with Happy. Now, he’s making environment-soldiers happy with his latest move! The singer recently teamed up with Amsterdam-based G-Star Raw to launch a new clothing line called ‘Raw for the Oceans’. The line includes shirts, jeans, sweaters and, pretty much obviously, hats, all made from Return Textiles’ eco-friendly Bionic Yarn. This multi-layered fiber is made from recycled plastic harvested from ocean garbage, making Williams’ release eco-friendly!

    Bionic Yarn is made by grinding reclaimed plastic into chips which are then shredded and extruded into thread. The thread is spun together with materials like cotton and polyester. And yes, the fact that these clothes contain recycled plastic, doesn’t make them any less appealing to the eye! It’s time to don sustainability!

    [Via – Geek]

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