• Pepsi’s recycling machine gives little goodies for every bottle or can recycled

  • Pepsi_dream_recycling_machine.jpg
    This is not just a recycling bin. It really is a Dream Machine. By PepsiCo, these machines will be installed around southern California. 3,000 of them in all will be set up. In an exchange for goodies, the machine gobbles up empty cans and bottles. A machine like this is sure to encourage people to recycle their empty beverage containers.

    Its working is simple. All you do is toss your can or bottle into a chute after scanning it. The machine thinks up how many points your bottle is worth and prints out a receipt which can be used to redeem these points on Greenopolis.com for Pepsi stuff, Johnny Rockets discounts and Blockbuster certificates. If giving out goodies helps with encouraging people, why not simply have the machine toss out a few bucks for every recycled bottle instead. That sure would encourage recycling a whole lot more!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on May 3, 2010