• Pencils recycled out of paper to Stop Global Warming

  • paper-made-pencils.jpg
    Now who would think those black leaded pencils we’ve been using all along can damage our environment? Well, we might have not paid a lot of attention to fact, but it does. Both, wood and plastic made pencils can cause significant harm to the environment, taken that they result in deforestation and releasing toxic emissions. So, here’s a pencil that uses neither of the two. A pencil made of the material it’s used to stain. Paper! A South Korean company came up with these pencils made of recycled paper.

    100% of these pencils are made of recycled paper. And no, they don’t use lead either. These pencils use a special ink made of soy instead. Also, to keep you constantly reminded about the issue of global warming, the pencil casing has a few pictures of little penguins flipping around. Pencils haven’t gone greener than this before.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on June 17, 2010