• Pencil sharpener recycles pencil shavings to create erasers

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    Making a little craft flower isn’t the only way to reuse and recycle pencil shavings now. You can make an eraser out of it too! Pull your jaw back on and get a hold of this. Designed by Hao Gin Weng, Siang Yin Ke, and Che Hao Li, this little machine uses the shavings from a pencil to make erasers. Now there are a few doubts as to how exactly would bits of wood combined with lead help erasing pencil marks off paper, but the designer has thought about that too while putting this baby together. So all you need to do is, draw out a picture, then somehow break the pencil point, stick it into the sharpener, turn the crank, have a sharp pencil, and an eraser too!. A great way to put to use all those bits off wood shopped out of your pencil by the sharpener. This indeed is the best way to recycle, at your study table.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on May 26, 2010