• Parasite Farm kitchen composting unit helps grow vegetables indoors

  • parasite-01-web.jpgGerman designers Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber have come up with a fabulous way dispose away all the waste food your home generates. The Parasite Farm is the perfect addition for the urban home that lacks the outdoor space for a proper composting area. Today, food waste is known to make up about 13% of trash in the United States alone, and composting it at home could help decrease the strain on landfills. Sporting a compost bin with a built-in chopping-board lid that can be mounted onto a kitchen table, the Parasite Farm enables you to turn your kitchen waste into soil, which can then be used to grow veggies indoors! Also, the system makes use of residual water that doubles up as fertilizer water, making the Parasite Farm an ideal way to get rid of food waste at home.


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: on January 26, 2012