• Old engine given new life, with a suction pipe attachment!

  • 3.jpgRetiring from its services wasn’t of too much interest for this engine, as it’s back on track, literally. After having spent its life hauling cargo and passengers, this engine, which should really be sitting in a museum, is now a full-fledged vacuum cleaner! Amazing right? We though so too! Rail engineers got to work on this one, and added a huge suction pipe that makes it resemble an elephant! Cleaning railway tracks isn’t too much of a task now, thanks to this lovely engine sucking up trash through its nose-trunk-suction pipe. And yes, it is indeed a great way to have the old engine recycled, instead of scrapping it and having it end up in a railway dump.

    Recycling the old, giving it a new life, a new reason, and a new purpose, we love the idea of recycling the engine into a chugging vacuum cleaner!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: on January 11, 2011