• Old computer motherboards reused as canvases

  • Painted_Motherboard-1.jpg
    Artists these days seem to simply love the concept of recycling, and we’ve had quite a few artists featured here, who take a step away from the ordinary, and blend in recycling with their art, pulling out some pretty fantastical results. Arizona-based artist Joe Dragt decided to use motherboards of old computers as a canvas for his art instead of the traditional canvas, giving life to the insides of about 30 old computers. And that’s not all. Besides using the motherboards for canvases, Dragt also puts to use some most of the parts from the old computers he savages for his sculptures and sends the remaining plastic and metal for recycling.

    A great way to keep yourself occupied and do the environment some good while bringing out your ever-explosively creative self, recycling and art put together can bring out some pretty pictures indeed!
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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