• Oasis of Seas: World’s Largest Luxury Cruise Liner Opts For Green Design

  • Oasis of the Seas luxury green cruise liner1.jpg
    Oasis of Seas, the world’s latest and largest luxury cruise liner is also one of the most green eco friendly ships to sail on the troubled waters across the globe. The ship which sailed out from the Finland shipyard looked magnificent and majestic but its true delight factor is the green design which not only consumes 25% less power but also reuses all water and recycles all the waste.

    Environmental costs are very often ignored when luxury is on the minds. But Oasis of Seas is going to live up to its name and will move across the oceans with green message by leaving less carbon footprint and not suffocating the marine life by dumping sewage. It is good news that green is looming large on the conscience of luxurious cruise ship makers for our seas and marine life are threatened due to the pollutants and waste left behind by big ships.
    Oasis of Seas is so huge that it had to lower its smokestacks to pass under the Great Belt Bridge. The 16 deck ship which has cost $1.6 million can accommodate some 6,360 passengers and 2,160 crew men and seems to be one of the most luxurious ultimate entertaining indulgences for the super-rich. The green tag will certainly make it all look a little less obscene in the hard times of recession.
    Oasis of the Seas luxury green cruise liner2.jpg
    Via – [Daily Mail]