• Melting guns into a peace statue, recycling gets a whole new meaning

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    What’s the best way to put to rest a bunch of terror-spreading death-bringing confiscated weapons? Recycling! Police officials hailing from New York and New Jersey received 900 illegal weapons that will soon be sent for melting, which will then be turned into a metallic statue called the Peace Angel with a better purpose in life than shooting out bullets at living beings. The statue will be donated to the NYPD headquarters in Manhattan once it’s chiseled into being. The Sims Metal Management firm in Jersey City will take care of the melting process while the Art of Peace Charitable Trust will look over the building of the statue. Standing five feet tall, the winged Peace Angel statue will drive an inspirational arrow into the minds of people, showing the world the benefits of recycling.

    A clever and environmentally-conscious way of getting rid of unwanted killing devices by recycling them all into a work of art, the cops at New York and New Jersey sure as hell their lines in peace keeping!

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