• McDonalds begins testing recyclable paper cups in the United States

  • imagesizer.jpgMcDonalds, the land of burgers and fries usually attributed to obesity is now looking for ways to turn green. To start off with, the golden arched fast food chain will begin using recyclable paper cups in the near future. 2,000 restaurants of the chain making up for 15% of those in the United States alone will begin testing phases, ditching the previously used polystyrene cups for recyclable paper cups. Also, given that these cups are recyclable further ups the green quotient. Composting paper cups leads to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Reusing the cups instead helps save o0n paper, resulting on fewer trees being cut down. We wish McDonalds on its endeavor and hope to see polystyrene cups completely phased out in the future.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: on March 22, 2012