• Kork iPad case made from recycled corks is recyclable

  • Kork-iPad-case-1.jpg
    Need a new iPad accessory? This time make sure its a green one, like this lovely new iPad case we just had a look at. Called the Kork, this iPad case is made from recycled and recyclable natural cork. Designed well and shaped ergonomically, the Kork iPad case keeps your Apple shiny, clean and safe too. The best part is, once disposed off, it doesn’t harm the environment either, taken that it’s recyclable! Also, this one has a non-slip surface, making sure your slippery-as-eel iPad doesn’t jump out of your hands. For as less as $67, you can have your iPad sit snugly in this environment friendly case!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on January 24, 2011