• Kitchen waste used to grow plants, all thanks to in-vessel composting!

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    All those leftovers that you leave behind with the bill in a restaurant do not necessarily have to land up in the dump. It can be recycled to grow some pretty cool plants instead, and that’s exactly what Joost Bakker has set out to show the guys who run restaurants in Sydney. This Melbourne artist loves recycling just as much as we do and packed a van full of oregano, thyme and parsley plants grown in soil that once was kitchen waste. These are put up on display at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park where you can peek at them in wonder. Once pushed out of restaurant kitchens, the waste undergoes in-vessel composting baking it at high temperatures that destroy the harmful and unnecessary waste, particularly seeds that could effect the crop grown from it.

    Using in-vessel technology, waste food from our tables and kitchens could, in future, meet a greener end.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on October 26, 2010