• Japanese machine converts plastic into oil, a recycling marvel

  • plastic-oil.jpg
    Now we see plastic sprawled all over landfills, dumped there by the million trucks that carry it all from our waste bins everyday. It’s no wonder we just hate plastic, when it needs to be disposed off. If not recycled properly, plastic can act as an added danger to our already degrading environment. The Japanese however have come up with a novel way to recycle plastic, converting it back into a much needed resource, oil. A machine used converts 1kg of plastic into 1liter of oil. This oil can be used to create gasoline, kerosene and diesel too.

    Alls well as long as it gets rid of all that annoying plastic. But it has a much greener touch to it. This machine makes sure it spews no Co2 in the environment while at work, keeping the process clean and green, though, the product, when used, is sure to stamp a pretty dark carbon footprint.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on August 24, 2010