• iPad cases made from recycled billboards

  • iPad-cases-1.jpg
    Ever wondered what happens to those billboards you see at movie theaters time and again? Well, most of them, perhaps all, end up in the dump. So, Daniel Craig and Megan Fox are left there, to bear with the elements, and fade away. Now, you can have them home, with you! No, not the real Hollywood stars, it’s the billboards. Here’s how. You can now have yourself an iPad sleeve with Megan Fox staring right at you, made out of a recycled billboard of Jennifer’s Body probably. Also, each sleeve is unique, taken that they’re all made of different billboards. Also, the material is light, flexible, durable and water resistant too!

    Not too expensive either, this sure is a great way to give your iPad a better touch, and do your bit for the environment and the faces of your favorite Hollywood stars!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on December 8, 2010