• Inka Curve: Innovative Self Sustained Vertical Solar Micro-farm

  • Inka curve vertical micro farm1.jpg
    If you are an eco freak and are interested in having a small micro-farm to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs etc that too in a sustainable way but don’t have enough space in your backyard then you could get yourself Inka Curve. Inka Curve is a complete ecosystem – it is a vertical micro-farm connected to large fish aquarium below and solar-panel, wind turbine on top. The basic idea is to use water from aquarium which is full of bio-nutrients (fish poop etc) for the vertical farm and then recycling clean water back to the aquarium using bio-filters. Solar-panels and wind turbines help in pumping and recycling the water.

    Inka curve vertical micro farm2.jpg
    Inka Curve is an extremely innovative and interesting design. This is indeed green farming right in your little space of your backyard. It seems one can actually intelligently grow almost anything except root vegetables. This model was originally developed for remote medical clinics but in the times of food crisis and climate change it does seem sensible to install one and grow your own vegetables etc leaving minimal carbon footprint. A cheaper minimal version of vertical micro-farm without solar panel, wind turbine and fish aquarium is available too.
    Via Treehugger