• In office machine that turns waste paper to toilet rolls instantly

  • toilet_paper_machine.jpg You know some of those companies that don’t care an iota for the amount of paper they waste each hour? Well I I know of one and it’s really sad they can go about daily throwing paper after paper into the bin when so many in developing nations crave for atleast a small piece of it. Not to forget all those trees being chopped down. Tokyo-based Nakabayashi stood up and showed why we love the Japanese so much. They have the in-office toilet paper machine that turns used copier paper into toilet rolls, right there in the office. It produces two rolls per hour from around 1,800 sheets (or 7.2kg) of used A4-sized paper. It will go on sale in Japan in august and they are hoping to sell around 60 units in the first year. Cheap then you would think? Nope, it comes at $95,000.all for a good cause though, don’t you think?
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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