• Igloo made from recycled refrigerators keeps it cool!

  • igloo_from_recycled_refrigerators.jpg
    From what we’ve read and seen on TV before, Igloos keep Eskimos warm. Well, we stumbled across an Igloo that might do just the opposite, taken that its made from refrigerators! Well, if you’d power all these up and leave their doors open, living in an Igloo like this would be worse than sleeping on ice. Anyways, the Igloo was made from around 322 old fridges. Besides these, other devices like kids’ toys, fans, kettles, microwaves, washing machines, toasters, a TV set and other items are included too. The Igloo has been christened “Wastefulness Is the Biggest Source of Energy”, a name too long probably. A list of materials that went into human consumption while constructing this has also been displayed which includes 3 bars of chocolate, 35 pairs of gloves, 487 sandwiches, 120 beers and 5,636 feet of wire too. Weighing 10.5 ton and standing 18.3 feet tall, this one sure is a marvel of recycling!


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on November 3, 2010