• Hotel suite built inside a recycled aircraft

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    Spending a holiday in an airplane may sound outrageous to some, but then again, isn’t this a cool way to recycle old airplane shells? The guys in Netherlands had a brainwave and have converted a cold war aircraft into a full fledged hotel suite that oozes luxury and modernity. The plane is put up at Teuge airport and is packed with all the requirements in a standard hotel suite. Three flat-screen televisions and a Blu-ray player have been installed to entertain guests. Those who prefer more relaxing holidays can chose to lay back in the sauna and Jacuzzi in the plane. Those who love flying or simply are curious enough can also visit the fully equipped cockpit (don’t try taking off though). If that’s not enough, the €350 nightly fee also includes the services of a round the clock hostess. Are you still skeptical about a holiday in a recycled aircraft?

    Via – [Newlaunches]

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