• Honda’s NSX supercar, made out of recycled cardboard and paper

  • Honda_NSX_supercar.jpg
    We all love cars that can go fast. And if their green and energy efficient, we’re bound to love them more. Well, a car made out of cardboard and paper sounds incredibly… light and weird, doesn’t it? Honda made sure they turned visitors heads right round at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 this time with their life size model of the Epson Nakajima Racing Honda NSX. So what’s so special about this car? It looks fast, and is sure to make you drool, and is made entirely out of recycled cardboard and paper! Now that renders the car un-drivable, and its obviously meant to be just a showpiece and a model, but this real life-like car is sure to win the hearts of Honda fans all over the globe who love the environment and support the use of recycled products like cardboard. And as a postscript, no trees were cut to make this supercar!


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on January 19, 2010