• Home with old recycled computer parts for walls, by Marek Tomasik

  • Home-with-old-recycled-computer-parts.jpg
    We’ve been waving the recycling flag since quite a while now, and we’ve just found yet another flag bearer for the same. A home made from old recycled junk, which at some part of its life was a technological breakthrough. Pieced up by Polish sculptor Marek Tomasik who seems to have his facts right when it comes to recycling, this home uses parts from old PCs that make up the surfaces of the 16′ x 14′ x 15’ space. Though it isn’t really aesthetically pleasing and seems more like an old computer part seller’s junk shop, the very fact that Tomasik has salvaged these parts and kept them from the dump yard has left us smiling wide.

    A great effort on Tomasik’s part, we’re pretty sure this one’s bound to inspire quite a few to recycle a bit more.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on June 16, 2011