• Home made of Polli-Bricks that are recycled from plastic bottles

  • recycled-polli-bricks.jpg
    After the mud homes, straw homes, wood, brick.. now comes the recycled plastic homes. Before you know it, you may have the chance to live in a house made of recycled plastics joined in a structure like a brick. A Taiwanese designer thought of this when he was quenching his thirst by drinking iced tea off a plastic bottle. The Polli-Bricks is made
    from recycled PET bottles and are transparent designed to interlock to form a structure that is several metres tall. Each POLLI-Brick can, structurally, interlock with others allowing it to be used to build houses.

    These POLLI-Bricks can also be used on LED lamps for mood lighting or to grow plants. This design will be showcased at the Fashion Pavilion in the Taipei International Exposition next year.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on June 23, 2009