• H&M introduces clothes recycling initiative

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    What do a few of us do when our clothes turn old? Well, we stuff it all inside bags and toss them away! H&M wishes to bring a change in this process and has made a significant contribution to the global recycling movement. The fashion retailer recently launched a new worldwide apparel-recycling initiative that helps donators make a few bucks from the recycling of their old clothes, while keeping intact the natural resource reserves.

    The company aims to keep textile from landfills and will accept clothing, regardless of the label. If good enough to be worn again, these clothes will be sent to second-hand stores, else, the cloth will be recycled. Those sending in their old clothes will be given a £5 voucher, redeemable on purchases of a £30 or more.


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on February 26, 2013