• H&M get M.I.A. to push its garment recycling initiative

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    H&M has commenced its initiative entitled World Recycle Week and to get the message across all the 61 worldwide markets and 3,900 stores it has commissioned recording artist, M.I.A. to take the message across. The aim of the campaign is to collect a total of 1,000 pieces of garments from consumers across the globe. Clothing that heads to the landfill leads to its own share of the overall burden of waste. By recycling large volumes of clothing, we can rid the earth of unnecessary, wasted and unusable old garments that are discarded in tons. The artist will be a part of a new music video that will bring the issues of discarding clothing in the limelight and focus on how recycling can help improve the way we deal with old clothing.

    H&M has inspired the clothing industry by collecting over 25,000 tons of clothing that is used and discarded, only to treat it and repurpose it for better consumption word wide. Their denim line that was created from recycled clothing made headlines last year.

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