• Health Green Up+ concept uses discarded CDs in dumbbells

  • Health-Green-Up+-1.jpg
    Now a compact disk might not be the ideal weight to lift to have those muscles of yours bulging and swelling. Though, when you come to think of it, most woman do use lighter weights than the guys in gyms, making designer Seung-il Kim’s concept pretty interesting and usable! Called the Health Green Up+, this one puts to use old CDs, which each weigh in at about 15 grams, bunched together to create light-weight dumbbells. The concept is indeed a great way to recycle old CDs, most of which collect dust in our homes having their lives ended miserably with the use of DVDs and flash drives.

    Also, the meaty look Kim has given these “dumbbells” would make you look all strong and brawny in the gym too, until someone actually comes and lifts them, only to realize how light they really are!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on October 5, 2011