• Hasbro to embrace recycled materials for packaging of toys and board games

  • Hasbro.jpgWe’ve all played with those awesome action figures at some time of our growing up years. Well, we’ve come to think about just what happened to all that packaging once we’d rip out our favorite action figure. It most certainly would pile up in landfills, and Hasbro aims to change that. The toy maker has planned to increase the amount of recycled material used in its packaging. Known for all those Transformers, G. I. Joes, Star Wars figures and a lot more, Hasbro will have 75% of its packaging made of recycled materials by 2011. By the year 2015, Hasbro’s looking forward to increasing this by a whole 90%.

    Packaging is not all. The firm is busy making plans to have paperboard materials for board games go green too, with recycled materials. We’re in for a green recycled play time!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: on November 24, 2010