• Gumdrop Bin recycles chewing gum to useful plastic products

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    Ever wondered what happens to all the chewing that’s chewed and thrown away? One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t all combine to be a giant ball of gum that swallows the planet. So what does it do? Not much, really. So, we have an English designer, Anna Bullus take things into her own hands and create the incredible Gumdrop Bin. Bullus spent eight months experimenting at the University of Brighton chemistry lab where she finally came out with a solution for the world’s mounting chewing gum problem. All the deposited gum is collected by Gumdrop LTD and processed to create Gum-Tec products. A single, full bin can create three more bins and Gum-Tec products such as an Americano Mug, Guitar Pick, Bicycle Spoke, Rulers, Sports Cones, Frisbee and Boomerang, Door Stop, Meal Mate, Lunch Boxes and Combs.

    Anna says, “Gum-tec is the brand name we have given for a group of new compounds that are made with recycled chewing gum. Most of the compounds that we create are thermoplastic and thermoplastic elastomers…We are still developing and still learning new things every day, so this process is ongoing as we get better at what we do.”


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