• Guitars made from recycling, a better way to strum those six strings

  • Guitars_made_from_recycling.jpg
    So you’ve spent hours sticking to the glass of that music shop with your eyes wide in wonder fixed on that six string beauty that just came in. well, if you’ve been looking out for an eye-catching guitar that’ll make the people watching you go “Ooooh!” just looking at it, consider recycling! These guitars were made from recycled products. Take the steam-punk V guitar. It looks amazing, right out of the Golden Compass and uses all those old nuts and bolts and electrical throw-aways. Up next is the oil-can guitar, made from a recycled oil can. The cigar box guitar looks classy, complete with that vintage feel of cigar boxes while the Altoid guitar uses an Altoid tin for a body! The Skateboard guitar left us completely baffled, perfect for the skater boy rocker; this one’s body is made from an old skateboard lacking two wheels. We also came across the gun guitar, sweet enough to shoot music at your listeners.

    You can now stop drooling at that six stringer in that shop window. It’ll just turn cliché in future. Make one yourself with some recycling!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on November 3, 2010