• Futuristic Recyclable Paper Laptop Design

  • Recyclable-Paper-Laptop1.jpg
    Computer and modern technology is becoming highly indispensible and there is constant innovation with new improved gadgets and accessories replacing the old. Thus disposing off old electronic gadgets becomes very difficult as most parts are non-biodegradable and extremely harmful to environment too. Designer Je Sung Park has come up with some futuristic Recyclable Paper Laptop design which could soon become necessity given the reality of e-waste. This Recyclable Laptop is made from paper pulp and reprocessed material which can be taken apart layer by layer including the external casing.

    Recyclable Paper Laptop2.jpg
    Je Sung Park has done some good futuristic thinking though it is not sure whether recyclable chips and hardware will also be invented. Also this is not an entirely utopian thought since technology is changing everyday and bio chips could be tomorrow’s reality. This Recyclable Laptop will not only be eco friendly but will also live up to its popular name ‘Notebook’, since its made of paper and looks like a trendy folder.