• ‘Freegans’ Promote ‘freeconomics’ and Recycling to Save Environment

  • Mark Boyle Freegan environment.jpg
    Freegans’ have become talk of the town in Bristol and elsewhere. They are people who promote alternate living strategies such as not being part of the capitalist and consumer oriented society. In a nutshell they shun the money oriented world and promote sustainable living by recycling wasted food and discarded household items. For instance, Freegan Mark Boyle managed to live an entire year without cash by surviving on food foraged from different supermarkets, shops etc. Their philosophy of recycling makes sense, because in market oriented economy production is in bulk and there is much wastage.

    It may not be practically possible to switch to ‘freegan’ way of life but we can at least know that the food that goes waste can feed hundreds of people, the rundown houses and urban dilapidated spaces can be shift homes and electronic items, furniture, clothes that we discard for better trendy ones can go to others or be recycled instead of adding more scrap to junk yards. Freegan’s thoughts about community living and sharing of resources for sustainable living make sense too. We can save environment by minimizing wastage and recycling every resource wisely including food.
    Via BBC