• Ford uses old tires to manufacture gaskets and seals for new cars

  • Ford_recycle_tires.jpg
    Ford isn’t a stranger to recycling. The automobile bigshot is now recycling tires, about 2.2 million pounds in all, which will be combined with soybean oil and other materials to create gaskets and seals for new cars. With a tie-up with Recycled Polymeric Materials, a Detroit-based supplier, Ford’s environment friendly recycled gaskets will show up in the Ford F-150, Escape, Mustang, Focus, and Fiesta. Using about 210,000 used tires and 150,000 pounds of soy, Ford has developed a material to be used for the manufacture of gaskets and seals for new Ford vehicles.

    A substantially environment-conscious move by Ford, we’re looking forward to other auto manufacturers like Toyota and GM following closely with similar initiatives.

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