• Flooring made from recycled whiskey barrels

  • whiskyflooring.jpg
    Judging whiskey by its age has been an old practice. But a floor smelling of whiskey is unusual, unless you’ve dropped some from your glass while trying to negotiate the carpet. Whiskeys like Balvenie’s Doublewood for instance spend long part of their life in Whiskey Oak cases. This helps mellow the spirit while maturing. It also contributes to the vanilla spiciness, after which the whiskey is transferred to a Sherry Oak case. These cases in turn impart the whiskey’s fruity and honeyed depths. Well, after the whiskey’s out and ready to drink, the cases and barrels need disposing. So a U.K.-based firm, McKay Flooring Limited, came up with the idea of using this wood for flooring. This sure is a great way to recycle the wood. Just make sure visitors to your home don’t go sniffing at your floor though.

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