• First bottles made from Ocean Plastic

  • Today, several tons of waste plastic choke our seas and oceans. These piles of floating plastic waste have diverse effects on marine life and the eco-system as a whole. Helping clear the mess and keep our oceans from an ecological breakdown, a company called Method has just unveiled its dish and hand-wash soap, contained in recycled bottles. These bottles are made from recycled plastic found in oceans. Combining these plastics, a grey resin is developed which is then used to make these eco-friendly bottles.

    The company has started off small and hopes to spread the word around and help protect the world’s oceans. Method has tied up with local beach clean-up groups and volunteers who’ve brought in nearly a ton of plastic from Hawaii’s beaches alone. A tie-up with the firm Envision Plastics finally made it all possible, turning plastic waste into attractive grey soap dispensers!

    [Methodhome via Notcot]

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