• EnviroKats uses recycled tires for cat litter system

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    Disposing-off tires isn’t all that easy, and can work out to be quite an expensive affair too, both to your wallet and to the environment too, given that most tire replacements include a fee of about $2.00 that’s taken into account to dispose the old tire. So, the best way to put all this waste rubber to rest is recycling. EnviroKats, a cat litter manufacturer, has recently unveiled a one-of-a-kind cat-poop-disposer made from recycled tires. This cat litter system is completely made from recycled tires and is 100% reusable. Also, being made from carbon materials, this system absorbs odors easily.

    And from what we’ve heard of the EnviroKats system, the kitties being subjected to its use seem pretty happy with it. So, all in all, this one keeps the environment, your cat and your purse smiling!
    [PRWeb] Via – [EnviroKats]

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