• Electrolux shows off five green vacuum cleaners made out of recycled waste from the sea

  • Electrolux-vacuum-cleaners-1.jpg
    We’ve gone all bonkers over Electrolux’s initiative of using up all those plastic islands floating around in our oceans, recycling the debris and making vacuum cleaners out of them. We last came across the Vac from the Sea initiative a few months ago. The company has now unveiled five vacuum cleaners made from 70% recycled plastic. Each of the designs on these vacuum cleaners that make them look more like pieces of modern art that have a rightful place in an art gallery instead of sucking on dust, represents the ocean the rubbish they were made with hailed from. Now you probably won’t find any of these on the shelves of your local Electrolux dealer. The company has decided to auction of just one of these while the rest probably end up in the museum.

    We’d love to see more such initiatives in future. The world sure needs a lot of cleaning up and recycling after all.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on October 27, 2010