• Eco-Decor – Ting leather flooring recycled out of used leather belts

  • leather_flooring.jpg
    Floors concreted out with cement, stones, tiles or wood have been ruling the dens of millions. But if you intend to step on a floor that is shaped out of none of the mentioned material then TING has laid out smart green solution. The latest in eco-d├ęcor are the floors crafted out of recycled leather belts. For about $75 a square foot, each hand selected belt is hand cleaned with chemical free substance. Later the belts are shaved for uniform width. Finally they are laid carefully onto a reconstituted leather backing applied with water-based glue. Since each tile is carefully designed in-house, the color and patterning on every belt is unique.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on January 28, 2009