• Eco Friendly Modular Furniture from Way Basics for True Green Living!

  • way-basics-recycled-furniture.jpg
    Way Basics have finally come up with a furniture line which is made from recycled paper! This really is a dream come true for urban people with green conscience. Good old wooden furniture or even the modern modular ones are a rude reminder of depleting green cover. Way Basics, it seems use their own patented zBoard which is made from 99% recycled paper for creating awesome eco friendly sustainable furniture.

    Way Basics is one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and they aim to provide sustainable and eco friendly furniture for all. This modular furniture is just as strong as other regular furniture and it is also much lighter and fun to assemble. The assembling itself is very easy even kids can put shelves together like Lego blocks. Moreover they come in bright colors which can suit most modern urban households.
    Sometimes a small green thought of using recycled paper for making zBoards and furniture can really translate into big green action to save our dying planet.